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We are a DOH accredited diagnostic facility in Quezon City focused on the highest ethical standards of care guided by the moral responsibility to create a healthier world, empower our employees, and serve our community. 



We make it our duty to provide the highest standards of diagnostic care to the community through excellence and integrity with dedication and commitment to improving the quality of people's lives.


To make us your place of choice in clinical diagnosis. To make our mission a legacy to live on as a long-standing heritage of commitment by providing outstanding diagnostic standards within the reach of every individual.

Collective Responsibility


Providing our best to our customers and celebrate our success as one. 



We seek constant development and adoption of the latest world leading technologies. We strive to achieve high quality services that exceed expectations. 



We are building our capabilities hand in hand to increase our capacity to operate a reliable diagnostic facility to serve our consumers, government and partners. 

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